Sunday, November 19, 2006


Its been some time since i last updated and quite alot happened since the last post. I am currently sitting in Butler library on a Sunday evening and trying to read my confusing continuous time pricing notes which has proven to be an excellent insomnia cure. I think I have dozed off at least an umpteen times while reading the first 4 pages...sigh..

So many of you might ask what have I been up to. More or less the same routine these days I would say. Let's start from last weekend: Discovered this bar called Cafe 312 in K-town as we tried to avoid Maru for the time being..pretty nice ambience but just lacking the X factor..Tried going to some clubs that night but failed because of ID and timing issues. Finally settled for the Pizza Bar in the meatpacking district which proved to be a really good choice. They served excellent mussels, french fries and calamari! Also met Yishi there. How coincidental..haha..
All in all, it was a nice chill out night for the small group of us.

Cafe 312Ferine looks really happyI like this picture.. very well taken shot..=)And we met Yishi!

Over the week, I also flew back to Michigan to visit! It felt like I had never left Ann Arbor when I first step out of the airport. The cold, the familiarity and the environment were all pretty much the same! Celebrated Serene's birthday and had 2 nights of drinking. Was really nice meeting the Chan Brother twins, aaron (thanks for the lift), chin wei, emilia, morry, juls, mj,etc..too many to name..It was also a great trip back because I managed to know some of the sophomores better.. like serene, valerie lee (haha now I know your true self..haha..i have videos of you playing that sword arcade game!! funny), siew jin, etc.. some pictures for you to see:

Jer, Chin Wei and JemThe very happy birthday girl - Serene!
Reunion for Serene, Val Lee and Val Lau @ Le Dolce Vita
Pubbing with Kang and Meng Joo!
I can feel my brain screeching to a stop..i better end this post the last update was yesterday's party night. Attended my professor's birthday party at Nachos Kitchen. He is really a very funky professor, wore this really cute birthday hat. Alot of my classmates were there. Music was good. Drinks were pretty cheap and decent. Could tell that my professor had a really fun time.

Our Professor!The cool dudes in class!Johnny and Ivan

After that, celebrated Willy's birthday at Guesthouse.. those guys are crazy.. they pregamed too much and many of them were already drunk even before reaching the club. Many of them were just sleeping on the sofa and puking into the dustbins..haha..lucky the cleaner was really nice about it.. Most of the night was spent taking care of people and making sure they were sent home properly. But, I would say Guesthouse is a pretty nice club. It played quite a good trance dance music and the crowd there were enthusiastic..which is a very important thing for a club. sent everybody home by many of them are having bad hangovers..

Birthday boy Willy on the far left!Me and some of the girls

The date to remember is 19 November 2006. =)

Current mood: Sleepy but very blessed and happy

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