Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington DC

As Cedric would put it: " HEY! Don't let it STOP!" haha, when you are having fun..really don't let it stop.. So after a long night celebrating Kat's birthday, a group of us were gonna head out to Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington for a road trip over Election weekend. haha it was amazing how everyone could wake up and load up/collect the car..especially leon and justin who drank alot the night before.

The trip was really relaxing and chill.. wasn't in any rush of any sorts..and I finally found out how irritating Chang ge can get! really had to blast my ipod sometimes to shut him off..haha..and I will never navigate for him anymore..he is an unappreciative man..

haha..we spent most of our time eating and driving around. And here's the evidence!
The huge pile of crabs!

Delicious Crab Cakes!

Cheesecake factory

Awaiting our cheesecakes!
Savoring our oreo milkshake!

Check out the huge ass Colossal Peanut Butter Malt Milkshake
This picture earned us a place in the cafe's website!
Did some sightseeing in Annapolis - the Naval Academy was really nice and impressive..I really liked the tour. Thanks Pius and Carlin for bringing us around. Also took some really nice pictures in Washington DC.. I really love the peace and quiet..and the scenery around the monuments and White House.
Nice pavilion in the Naval Academy - a wedding was taking place
Group shot in front of the monument
Load and ready!
Reflection pool
Picture of myself =)
The cool dudes on the trip
The pretty ladies on the trip
My "dage" and I
Suling and I - Colors look really nice
"Nu er" and I keeping the monument in check
That night itself, we also went to a club in Washington called Fur.. Quite a nice club. reminds me of Zouk. Their drink servings were really shots were like double shots..and the cocktails were mainly alcohol..cant taste the mixers.. Had a fun night dancing away..Think everyone was really happy..haha towards the end, the club was gonna close soon and I had to finish one Barcardi 151 shot(courtesy of Willy) and 2 Long Island Tea.. That really did me in for the rest of the night.. Was pretty ok until I got to Wendy's for supper..could feel the alcohol getting to me.. Thank XT for looking after me.. much appreciated..haha at least I could take out my contacts, change and tuck myself to bed when I got back to the hotel room..haha and I didn't that was a good thing..i'm a happy and "steady" drunk..haha
All in all, it was a really great trip..very relaxing..i feel rejuvenated..just need to start studying again..can feel the was also a great trip for me to do some thinking and reflections...=)
Current mood: Happy!

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