Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wooohoooo, I am finally back with my posts. Its been a really long time..1 month and 9 days to be exact since the last post.. I bet, for a moment, my friends must have thought that I had abandoned this blog just like I had abandoned my previous blog. lol.. But now I am back with more nonsense and even more updates about my adventures in New York.

I actually did quite a fair bit of stuff over the past month. Just simply didn't have the time and energy to write about them. One of the highlights was celebrating Andre and Desmond's birthdays at MARU. Just thinking back, I have known them since RI but we only got closer when we were in RJ together. Its just very heartwarming to know that I have friends that I have known for such a long period of time. I enjoy their company in New York tremendously. Desmond with his corny and hilarious remarks and Andre with his cool yet cheerful disposition. Both feel like brothers to me. Really really nice guys. ashley and rui are two of the luckiest girls in the world! and to Desmond if you are reading this blog..I WANT TO MEET ASHLEY! I have already reserved table at Peter you better bring her..haha..

Cheers to our friendships!

Over the past month, I was actually preparing for my exams. My mentality for grad school has been far from what I used to be back in Michigan. Not too sure if its because this is my final year of overseas education or if its because I am studying in New York and there's so much to do. Just couldn't really focus and be as motivated as I was once before. I personally believe in cycles.. I enjoy peaks in my life when I do really well and be really motivated to complete everything and to do my utmost best. But there are times when I feel like recharging and not put in as much effort as before.. haha, I wish to believe that I am currently in a state of recharging before I return to Singapore to start actual work. My results aren't really they are not terrible either.. so they will do..Guess I will just work a little more harder next two semesters since I have been really slack this sem. You cannot imagine how slack I have been..haha..=)

Recently, val actually pointed out something really true about me which I have been guilty of for the past few years. Something that seems slight but so significant and has such great effects on me. The subconscious creature prowls amidst my flurry of thoughts and actions and seems to crawl and lunge at some of them - killing and wounding in the process. This is not a good trait of mine and I must change it. I am putting on a fight and hoping to subdue this beast in me. If I think clearly about it, it completely clashes with who I really am.. Maybe I have an alter-ego that is lurking somewhere deep within.. Boy is the thought scary..AHHHH...I will change.. I promise... =) val really knows and understands me..No one has really brought this issue up as directly as you and I thank you for it! - for people's info: she has been taking really good care of me.. I think I have put on an additional 5 kg over the past month.. just that the stupid darn winter isn't coming for me to put my extra blubber to good use. GOSH...

Anyway, these few days have been really sinful...with val gone holidaying with her family, I have been finding my own entertainment. Been reading a few books, watching DVDs (currently hooked on LOST season 1), gone shopping for 3 consecutive days, meeting up with friends who are in town to visit. I have spend a BOMB in the past 3 be the festive season and the shopaholic inside me that has been awaked from his "eternal sleep" Now there will be no end to it.haha..oh oh, and I finally caught up with Cecil! Since after RI, I have never really met up with him. He still looks as good as ever and with his bulging muscles and cheerfulness, must a real lady killer in UVA. Glad to know that he is enjoying UVA very much. Do come to New York more often! Maybe we should have a RI1G and 2G reunion! I think I can muster at least a few of us..Although I cannot remember everyone who was in our class. Sounds like an idea. =)

The year is drawing to a close..have you made your New Year Resolutions yet? Do you actually stick to them and try to achieve them? I shall go ponder over it for a while.. take care everyone and enjoy this festive season. May you find joy and happiness in the people around you. Love you all! :)