Sunday, November 12, 2006

First NBA game! New Jersey Nets versus Miami Heat

I went to my first NBA game yesterday and it was really awesome! I am not really a fan of either team but I decided to be a pseudo Nets fan so that it would make the game more interesting. haha, suling was a pseudo Heats fan and we were sitting next to each other and arguing about who was gonna win.. haha so guess who was really gleeful at the end of the match..blah!!!

Don't be fooled by her sweet and soft spoken appearance! she gets really excited when watching the game!

It was an exciting game to watch all the way till the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter when the Nets lost steam and couldn't keep up with Heat. The three pointer shots from Heat, great performance by Wade, lack of offensive rebounds and lousy shooting from Nets led to the loss.

Overall, it was a great game because of the rowdy atmosphere and tight game plus the halftime performances by Bryan McKnight and the cheerleaders. The dances were really coordinated and impressive..haha reminded someone who was sitting next to me of her good ol' days of mass dances...haha go figure out who..I guess the only drawback was that its really difficult to get back to Manhattan after the game. Had to wait for the buses in the cold and there was a really long queue.

Look at the crowd!

When we finally got back to Manhattan, we went for supper at this Dallas BBQ place with gigantic ribs and enormous margaritas and martinis. Excellent recommendation by Liching =)

Its a really gloomy day today..Woke up really late today (noon) because I came back ard 6am this morning and I only slept at ard 7 plus to 8 am..when the sun was actually coming out! went lounging last night and drinking after failed attempts to get into three clubs..But it was already very fun lounging.. quite coincidental that we met yishi in meatpacking..hmmm, actually I shall save that for another post...not in the right frame of mind to blog about last night. shall go complete my assignments now...

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