Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Busy week...

Hello everyone! I am having a busy week and might not have time to update much till the end of the week. Currently suffering from this nagging headache that does not go away even when I try to sleep it off. grrrr... Must be the sleep debt that I have accumulated over the past 2 weeks. What have I been up to man? Better sleep more.

For this week, I am looking forward to meeting andre for our weekly meet - ups..haha we shall keep it going dude. :) If only more smubbies were here in New York...oh well, you can't be too greedy. Also, the Michigan Sleeping Goddess aka Meng Joo is finally going to visit me! I better pack up my room on Friday..lol.its currently in a mess.. Anybody has a sleeping bag to lend me??? If not I have to sleep on the cold hard floor..haha take pity on me!

ok got to go to the library to print stuff now..the library is my second home now..
Hope everyone who is reading this has a wonderful week ahead.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

KTV and Jian's Birthday Celebration!

Happy Birthday Jian!

Hope you had a fun day today with us at karoke in Flushing and the wonderful dinner spread at Ren Ren Chan Guan...People who know me knows that I do not sing well and I do not really go to KTV. But today's session was fun because everyone was comfortable and don't mind having their ear drums burst or tortured by some of my terrible singing :) Its really cool to know that these are friends that I have only met just 2 months ago. I hope our friendships would last beyond our time here in Columbia..I certainly hope so...thanks jian,song,xt,cedric,mingming, phila,baoli,qiwei,johnny for the wonderful day. Photos would be posted once I get them from Song.

Anyway after today's KTV session, I am starting to like 周杰倫 songs again. Some of the lyrics are really poetic and touching..One particular song that I like is 枫.I like it so much, I would like to share the lyrics here:


I will try to link the song to my blog if I get the chance. :)

I think I am actually quite a sentimental guy...Quite emotional sometimes too..But I can hide my feelings pretty well.. I like to be happy and chirpy around my friends and bring them some joy instead of appearing sad and troubled.

Ok, people have been complaining that there has not been any photos posted.. So I shall post one of the latest photographs of me below. It was taken last night at the Columbia SSA event. Check out the cool dudes and pretty girls I have here!

From left to right: Yishi, Jan, Suling, Edward, Me, Andre, Eric

I quite like this photo. Quite well taken. There are many more handsome dudes and pretty gals around. I shall post pictures of them once I get my hands on the pictures. ok, till next time!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ever wondered what brand you are?

Look around yourself and you will find lots of different brands everywhere. Be it clothing line, shoes, laptops, phones, watches,cosmetics or what nots, there is a neverending list of brands. But have you ever wondered which brand actually encapsulates and emulates your style and personality? I never did until I read the following entries from my dearest L and K blogs.

Here goes..

From L's blog,

" HengHwa = Zara: Zara's branding in the clothing industry has always been one of slightly upscale, conservative clothsware. That is the general first impression. But when you walk in and really look at their products, there is a certain flair, flamboyance and drama about their clothes. Exactly like Mr Chew Bak Kua. He seems like a conservative enough, intelligent chap; but if you get to know him better, you'll realise what a real drama king he is. Very showy. Very charming. To be honest, I havent met a person who doesnt like the Zara brand... so it's a compliment to HH too cos his personality is really something that I dont think many people can resist. "

From K's blog,

"Dage is ZARA - Image is hard, cool and cold on the outside. But it actually carries a whole range of clothes with that cutting edge. Still very stylish despite its gungho xterior. Haha, he is a roasted marshmallow!"

Well, I must admit that I really like Zara.. And the descriptions of my personality seem rather accurate..haha, it was very interesting to read the rest of the brands that L and K labelled the rest of Smubbies.. Although I must say that all the girls had rather upscale brands whereas the guys have rather "interesting" brands except for mine..haha..i can hear some protests coming from the guys soon.. Anyway, thank you K and L for the interesting insight to my brand!Really love you girls..haha..=)
To all of you out there, let me be the Zara of your life!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Painting NYC red...

Had my virgin clubbing experience in New York City last night and it was fun if you minus the minor hiccups in between. It was enjoyable mainly because of the cool and fun company I had in ed, cg, sl, val, kat, Leon, XT, fer and the gang from Upenn that came to NY to visit ed. We had a grand total of 16 people!

We started the night off with a visit to the beautiful Boutique Hotel - Hotel Gansevoort. It is located in the Meatpacking District of New York City. For those who watch SATC, this will be the familiar area that many of the clubbing and bar scenes were filmed. Back to Hotel Gansevoort, the penthouse of the hotel has been converted to a bustling rooftop bar and you can see many well dressed people just drinking cocktails and socialising. Also, it has an overlooking view of the Hudson river which looks really tranquil at night. It was rather windy up there and it has this calming and soothing effect as the wind blows over your face as if nature is caressing and tickling you. It definitely can make you fall asleep right there. The place was packed with people because it is fashion week in new york. I had a Mojito and just chatted with the rest until cg asked me to accompany him to fetch fer from downstairs. Thats when I had to queue all over again and encounter two drunk/high middle age ladies who made me and fer take pictures of her..haha one of them just kept shouting " Look at these F****** whores whenever she looks at the pictures we've taken.haha. It was rather amusing actually... For those who are interested, here's the link to the hotel http://www.hotelgansevoort.com/

Next stop, we tried going to a club across the road. Didn't catch the name of the place because we didn't go inside in the end. They were pretty strict with the IDs and even though we wanted to open bottles, they still wanted to check the IDs of everyone. We had a couple of underaged people with us. So oh well, we decided to look for another club to spend our money..haha.. So off we go, whisking off in taxis to this club called Duvet that is located at 6 avenue and 21 st. Here's a link that describes the club http://www.opentable.com/rest_profile.aspx?rid=3718
The one thing I learn about NY clubbing is that women are valuable. Haha, the more ladies you have with you, the cheaper and easier it is to gain access to many of the clubs. Now I will learn to appreciate all my female friends more..haha.. The club had pretty nice decor with many satin beds around and people could sit, cuddle, dance on all these beds..Apparently, people were making out on the bed but I didn't see...haha I heard it from sl..haha..The music was ok, wasn't fantastic..Alcohol wasn't really cheap and we didn't have much drinks. I only had a beer and 1 whisky shot. Guess its the company that matters..haha..was quite concidental to meet tim whom I last seen when we were in BMT together. Looks like he is enjoying himself tremendously at NYU. anyway, sl and I concluded that we are getting older..haha, although the two of us did manage to outlast everyone else..^5 sl..haha..but it was quite funny when sl hopped over and told me that some dodgy man grabbed her and wanted to dance with her..haha, should blame the rest of the guys..all disappeared for smoking breaks..not enough guys to look after everyone..anyway, so the rest of the night was spent dancing with sl. Made a few new friends who were friends of friends..haha..but clubbing is never a good place to chat with people..music was just too loud. after I think about 3 - 4 hours, we decided to leave the club and go for supper.

Final stop: K town! had korean food for supper..walked about 10 blocks from our clubbing place.had a nice chat with sl along the way, talked abt her plans for the future and other random stuff. all the best for your plans yah! :) I am sure you can make it work out. As for the food at the korean place, cg and I shared some pan fried rice cake thing which didnt taste very good. Maybe it just isn't to our taste. But the beef and tofu at the sides were good though. Shall go find out whats the place called from one of the other guys..might visit another one day. After that, we all split up and took cabs back to where we were staying..haha very up north of manhattan. Second night in a row that I reached home beyond 4am..haha guess I am really starting to live the life of a New Yorker.

Thanks everyone for the great night. Next time we should have our drinks at home before going down to the clubs! Look forward to the next time..haha hopefully my wallet can sustain my spending :) andre, I will jio you next time! sorry about this time, I'll buy you a drink next time to make up. Maybe this weekend :)

Current status: Enjoying life to the fullest!

Saturday, September 16, 2006


A culturally stimulating night was what I had last night. It was the first time that I watched a Poetry Slam and I thought the performance was really cool and great! It was something that tourists would never experience in NY. Although I am not a person gifted with an inexhaustive list of vocabulary nor do I have a wonderful sense of rhythm(haha my friends will second that anytime) but I enjoyed the stirring atmosphere and the messages that the poets were trying to convey.

I felt the angst, the frustrations, the political views, the social concerns and more importantly the insight to the lives of the people.

Many of these poets are really young.. It ranged from 16 to late 20's...They talked about drugs, growing up, love, underprivileged kids and even people who whistled at their mums,etc! More often than not, I struggled to follow what they were trying to say. Especially when they burst into rapid fire mode and speak like a speeding bullet and when they spoke in Spanish which I do not understand. These people are really talented and I admire their courage to go on stage to read out the poems that they had written. For that alone, I would have given each and every one of them at least a score of 8.5. Haha, I liked it when the judges get booed..seems like low scores have no place in a bar like this. We didn't stay till the end to find out who won but I have a feeling the female teacher won it.

All in all, it was a wonderful hang out night. We even capped the night off with beer at a nearby german pub, fries from the Belgium Fries place and Jap food at Kenka. Haha, I learned 2 lessons last night.

1) Always have dinner before a night out like this..(I was starving the whole night)
2) Never use beer to stop your hunger, it just makes you tired and sleepy..haha..(I was so sleepy after beer last night, I didn't even have much of my ramen and jap food)

Hmm, I should get pictures from someone..I think Val had a camera, maybe she took some photos..haha, suppose to go clubbing tonight with Changge, Edward, XT and some other people..My wallet is bleeding dry really fast..I wonder how long I can keep this up. On top of that, I have homeworks to complete! haha, Life of a Student in NY..Maybe I should go write a poem on it *wink*

*ps: thanks to all my dear friends who expressed concerns over the last post. I am alright now! yes yes, nothing is wrong now. No bones broken or fractured, no synapses damaged and nobody was harmed. =) I am off to face the world again!

Until next time, peace out...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Disappointed, dejected and defeated...

You know why there are successful people out there? Because there are fools like me in this world that are compared to them. Naive, too trusting and simple-minded. I feel this stabbing heartache...this pain inside that cannot be described...long have I ignored the evils and treachery in this world..But the thick black blinds that had covered my eyes for years have been lifted...I have come to realise how people that I once thought I knew are actually putting on a facade and making use of me. How evil can these people be?How people are just treating me like a worthless and dumb doll that can be manipulated by the flick of the fingers...Just by using some lies or deception, I can be easily fooled...

Society and people do not stop to take notice of me...Why should they? I am not worth their time. I am just a small tiny being that is not worldly wise and uncapable to handle the cold hard truth. The hard truth of growing up and the struggle for survival in this era is actually so brutal...I begin to realise how I have not been living for myself..except for the short spurts in the past where I had picked myself up and actually strived for greater heights. But to fall back down once again without even noticing it... I promise myself to do more self reflections and to re-evaluate the people around me. To really know who I can trust and sacrifice myself for... To those few in my heart that has earned that place, I hope you are able to maintain that position forever.. For every once in a while, someone falls from that privileged position and I feel the immense hurt...For today, another has fallen from there...

Few has seen me cry and few will ever see me cry. I have been hardened through the years and it takes alot for me to break down...There has only been 1 incident that I remember myself crying to my heart's delight ever since I had turned 12. That was during Council Camp in 2002 where I completed my final task as Council Camp IC. I felt the sadness in relinquishing my duties as a student councilor and that I have completed my journey...That was the only time that I really cried out loud. for at that moment, the emotions and sadness gushed straight to my head and I simply had to let everything out.

I prefer to let people see the cheerful side of me which in actual fact is my true self. I am one who is extremely positive and always look on the bright side. I hope my radiance and joy can rub off on people and brighten their day. I like to keep my sadness inside and bury deep down so that I will never uncover them. But every once in awhile I will unwillingly dig everything out...tonight is one such night...on 9 sep 2006 at 0200h, I have been hurt and I have changed...

Disappointed, Dejected and Defeated...

Monday, September 04, 2006

Back in the BIG APPLE.

Hello everyone, I am back in New York! Happy Labor Day! I have lots of things to do and settle before term officially starts tomorrow. Have to sketch out my exciting plans for this semester..WOOHOO!haha, more interesting updates would come as I lead the life of a New Yorker :D..Going to meet Andre later! I can't wait to catch up with him..this is soooo exciting...Hmm, but guess what is my first task as his Dage? - To help him move in - I think I am a very fit and experienced house mover by now..
I am also trying to organize a small Singaporeans meet up dinner tonight at NONYA restaurant. Hope that turns out well and people don't dua me. =) And not to forget, I may be dropping by my classmate's (Phila) place to help her and Mingming bake a cake..haha..Seems like my day is packed! now now..I shall go wake Karen up to go for a nice morning breakfast. Adios Amigos!