Friday, October 27, 2006

Beaten by the food queen again!

ARGH! I thought I would be able to post earlier than the food queen - Suling... Looks like she beat me to it again..haha..but here are the photos that we took when we went to the Szechuan Restaurant and Serendipity 2 nights ago. We had really good food and dessert :) Enjoy the pictures!

Fu Qi Fei Pian
The Szechuan Feast!
Water boiled fish -absolutely delicious

Serendipity signature frrrrozen Hot Chocolate
Nice Halloween Decorations

The food gang!kp,me,xt,suling,liching,weehan

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back in Business!

Hello WORLD! I am finally done with midterms and resuming my normal lifestyle which actually means no more URIS library for the coming week, no more sleeping at 5 am and waking up at 9 am, no more readings, no more sad weekend nights spent studying and no more stress! least for the time being... :)

So here's whats lined up in my rejuvenated social life:

1) Halloween party this week! - time to go find a costume or figure out what I am going to dress up as..don't have any inspirations yet..time is running out.. any suggestions guys? There are actually quite a number of parties happening.. there's the IEOR department Halloween party on Thursday, I think there's pre- Halloween party this weekend at the clubs too and the Halloween parade that is taking place next week somewhere in downtown New York..Heard the parade is really good..shall go and take lotsa pictures! so stay posted!

2) Going drinking with my classmates! - got to settle a time and place to go for this one..haha, everyone is settling into their groups of friends and feeling lazy to mix around..I think I should take the initiative and try to get something going. Would love to know the rest of the people that I have yet to know very well in class.. Shall ask Nandini and gang where they might be want to go.

3) Off to Flushing this Sunday! - For those who don't know New York that well, Flushing is the real chinatown of New York.. All you see there are Asians! its not like the Chinatown in Manhattan,New York where you see lots of tourists walking around.haha..I guess Flushing is more authentic and has a more Asian feeling to it. Gonna go there to do some grocery shopping, enjoy some good Chinese food and sing KTV with my classmates. Looking forward to it, gonna be fun to just chill and relax..

4) Election Weekend! - A trip to Boston and Maine! the fine details are still in the works but the rough skeleton of the trip is out. Gonna have lots of nice seafood..yummy yummy!hmm maybe i can catch some crabs while I am in Maine too. haha..Hope its not too cold though and hope I might be able to catch some of the remaining Fall colors! Its times like this that I miss the scenery in Michigan. Maybe I should grab a book and sit by the sea to read and drink tea if its not too cold.. Just want a nice tranquil break from the hustle and bustle of the New York citylife. Take some time off to reflect on my life and plan my future goals... :)

5) Plan for my Snowboarding trip to Vermont! - Yay! I am finally going snowboarding again..haha and back to the first place where I first learnt snowboarding.. think it will be very nostalgic..had some nice memories there. oh well! :) Anyway, what started of as a casual plan between me and xt has spiralled to a really massive trip! lol..BUT I love company! the more the merrier.. think there are about 15 - 20 people interested now.. and yes, my first travelling trip with many of my friends in New York..haha and dear Andre would be there too :) yo bro, we are gonna take so many pictures on the slopes and show them to Smubbies! they will be so jealous..heh.. I am just hoping there are enough experienced drivers around and everyone would go there and have fun and get back safely :) Really hope everyone enjoy themselves when they are there! So dear sky above, if you are listening to me right now.. Please have a heavy snow storm by then and welcome us!

6) Nets Versus Heats Basketball game! - woohoo..gonna watch my first basketball game in New York! All thanks to my da jie - Liching who is a member of the fan club and bought the tickets for us. Hope its gonna be a great game..haha xt please dun jinx the match..if its a low scoring game..i am gonna kill u!

haha, my brain is too tired to think of what else I have lined up.. Hope that was a nice update for all my dear friends out there.. Let you know that I am still alive and running.."haha I sound like a machine" All I need now is a good rest and nice catch ups with my friends whom I have not had the time to talk to for the past 2 weeks.

OH, that reminds me! I would like to congratulate Limin on getting her Visa approved! Now she can finally fly off to Darwin and start working! Although I seldom say it, I am so proud of her :) Remember my discounted hotel rooms for my honey moon and holidays next time yah. Go show those Aussies what Singaporeans can do!

Current mood : Tired but happy :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

MIA for two weeks.

I'm going to be really busy for the next two weeks. In fact I have been working till really late for the past few nights already. Even though its tiring, I seem to get a certain level of satisfaction from doing work. oh well, but sometimes I do get irritated with my work and I may have been rude to some of you who tried chatting with me online or in person. So I would like to say sorry to everyone whom I have accidentally offended. Hope you understand that I do not mean it. I am just trying to work harder and not screw up my exams(which I had so spectacularly done over summer).

Alot of stuff to catch up and alot of homeworks to complete.. I have 4 hws due this coming week, along with two midterm exams and some other stuff to attend to. I also have 2 more midterm exams the following week...busy busy...I don't think I am really academically smart so I have to work harder and take longer time to understand even the simple concepts covered in class.. I think I have grown dumber..haha..guess my mind has switched off after my hard work in Michigan..Hope it restarts its engine soon..It does feel good when you are on top of your game..I want to BanKai soon! haha, been watching too much Bleach...

I will be back in action in two weeks..I may post some entries when I get too bored with studying. After my exams, I should be off to Maine on a roadtrip(currently thats the plan).. And I am also planning a snowboarding/skiing trip to Vermont over Thanksgiving!everyone is welcome! asking some singaporeans here in Columbia and my classmates.. the weather seems to suggest early snowfall this year!weeeeee!It would be fun.. So if you are interested, please tell me before the end of October! ok, back to work now.. wish me luck for the next two weeks!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

More photos!

Dim Sum with my classmates!

Belated Birthday Celebration for Val @ Maru

Edward's Housewarming (with only a few of us left)

Photos Photos!

Meet up with Luke

Guys at my place
Drinking in my room

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Alive and kicking!

Adrenaline and happiness are the two things that keep me going..Been doing alot(not in terms of work and studies) over the week..

Finally finished my 4 homeworks after burning midnight oil (way past midnight) for 3 nights in a row. Met up with my dear dage, dasao, gwen, auntie diana, uncle and auntie who were in new york for 5 days. Met them for dinner from Mon - Wed and it was really nice of them to treat me to all the meals when I join them.. Feels good to have relatives in town..I suddenly miss home a little.

Went for Val's birthday dinner at Dinosaur BBQ on Thurs evening. That place has very nice BBQ. Large servings too. After that, I joined Tuan Beng, XT, Kwang Peng, Liching, Chuan Jin and his wife to play pool at Amsterdam pool.. haha it is starting to become a weekly thing :)

Also, I met up with Luke and Huangyu yesterday! It was really nice seeing old friends in New York. Its been a really long time since I met them to catch up. Mr Ku is really good at singing KTV man..haha..sure hope they are having fun in Yale now. You guys come down to New York again!

And after KTV, Edward and I went to meet Kat, Val, Leon, Justin, Pin Quan, David and tried to go to 235 rooftop bar to chill...But its a long story, we didnt get to go in in the end. Its my second failed attempt at going to that place, I am making sure that the third time I go, I will go in. So we went to Maru in K town instead and it was really fun!Its nice to sit around and chill for once. Play stupid drinking games which made alot of people drink we know who can't think when they are tipsy..the most hilarious moments happen at the weirdest of times..haha.Oh, Peizhen also joined us when we were there, along with Bryan and Tim..=)

There's going to be another round am I gonna survive?!?!? Edward's housewarming party! hope he is feeling better to drink tonight. Might be going clubbing after that but that depends.. ok I am going to bring my foreign classmates to chinatown for dim sum now! hope they will like it..haha..

Photos would be coming..i got quite a bit of photos now..haha..Kat,Val and Edward! I want the photos that you have taken for the birthday and last night and any of the past events!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life is wonderful when you have fun people to hang out with and interesting things to do....

Its been a really hectic week! but nonetheless, its rather enjoyable :) Pictures and hopefully videos would be coming soon but here's roughly what I did for the week.

1) Completing my 4 HWs that are all due next week! Need to get them done before I have time to meet my Dage and Dasao in New York! Yippee! My first family members to visit me in the US..Its good to study in New York. =) Can't wait to see them...

2) Went to watch Jamie Cullum last night at Roseland Ballroom! Its the best concert I have seen so far..I have never ever seen such a talented musician who can play soooo many different instruments in soooo many different styles. Like how he "played" the piano and use the piano surface like a drum and sang a song doing it. His hands must have hurt after that. The interesting SAMBA music that got the whole audience dancing. His funny and weird stage antics that kept the audience light hearted and laughing. His wonderful wonderful wonderful and did i say WONDEFUL? voice that resonated throughout the ballroom.. He sounded better than his cd at times. His engagement of the audience to participate in his songs. I really loved his concert and performance. His band is also very talented and cool too. Photos would be coming once I get them from Louis and Constance. Thanks for asking me to watch the concert Louis! remember to ask me out more often.. I am free every two weeks..haha and you know why. Hope I can get the videos and photos from Constance soon. I cant wait!

3) A terrific potluck today at my place! haha or should I say a hh,kp and cg cook while the rest buy from restaurants and supermarket dinner. :) just was just wonderful to have everyone squeeze in my room.. It was amazing how many people can fit into my's the list of people who came:kwangpeng,xt,changge,tianhui,liching,suling,edward,jan,zhonglei, niko, andre,kin foong,valerie and meng joo plus me! Thats a total of 15 people! amazing..haha.. it was nice seeing everyone chatting and having a good time together. hope everyone had fun! I need to get the photos from liching and edward. I need more photos of my time here in columbia! There was so much food left over.haha i think my meals for the next 2 days are settled. Some interesting events that happened include changge disastrous adventure in my kitchen, discovery of edward's weakness, jan's soggy biscuits?which I still have no idea what it is about..someone should tell me..and many more other conversations topics that I did not manage to participate in.

Hmmm, maybe if I clean up the living room, I might be able to invite more people over next time.. Maybe we should have a steamboat! what do you guys think? heh..i love gatherings..its just so nice and cosy..reminds me of my days in michigan. miss all you peeps whom i have spent so much time with in michigan..on a brighter note: MICHIGAN has reclaimed the BROWN Jug! Good Job Wolverines!

Current time is 3:48 am..why am I still awake? Is it because of work? yes..been doing corporate econs and continuous time asset pricing. Is it because you have been chatting? yes..haha with changge and ferine..ferine is going to bring me to the best indo restaurant that she knows in New York..haha she cannot forget to bring me because I just blog this for everyone to see..haha..and we might be going to Soho to shop when she is up for the challenge. lol.. i shall jio suling and gang to come too.. shopping in soho..i saw some interesting shops that i might like..i need to find more money i wish someone gives me a big red packet now..hahaha..

Currently feeling satisfied and happy..loving new york very much at this moment.. because of the new friends that I have met here and the many activities that i can do..ok bedtime is here..goodnight everyone and sweet dreams :)