Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lion King Broadway

I finally managed to catch the Lion King Broadway! I remembered the gang of us from Michigan tried catching it 2 years ago but were disappointed when we found out that the tickets were too expensive. Before this, I've heard raving reviews about the props and costumes even though the story was more suitable for children. But I certainly didn't regret watching it! haha its one of those things that you have to do in life..haha at least for me. =)

After watching it, I can certainly understand why kids would love it. The costumes were really colourful and traditional and the props were both intriguing and interesting. The energy and enthusiasm displayed on stage by the cast could be felt from where I was sitting..haha which was the third row from the back. Even though I was so far back, I had a pretty good view of everything. Thanks Kinfoong for getting the tickets for me!

Hope you had a great first Broadway watching experience because I certainly enjoyed myself. and please forget about the mineral matter how ridiculous and exorbitant it sounds to here are some pictures!

The prop for the antelops galloping across the stage

The costume for Scar

Mufasa head as seen in the dream scene for Simba

The beautiful lights of Times Square taken from outside the auditorium

Us taking a picture with Mufasa's head

and yes of can I forget Mr. Peanut!

I love Broadways! I shall think of the next show that I want to watch. =)

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