Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wooohoooo, I am finally back with my posts. Its been a really long time..1 month and 9 days to be exact since the last post.. I bet, for a moment, my friends must have thought that I had abandoned this blog just like I had abandoned my previous blog. lol.. But now I am back with more nonsense and even more updates about my adventures in New York.

I actually did quite a fair bit of stuff over the past month. Just simply didn't have the time and energy to write about them. One of the highlights was celebrating Andre and Desmond's birthdays at MARU. Just thinking back, I have known them since RI but we only got closer when we were in RJ together. Its just very heartwarming to know that I have friends that I have known for such a long period of time. I enjoy their company in New York tremendously. Desmond with his corny and hilarious remarks and Andre with his cool yet cheerful disposition. Both feel like brothers to me. Really really nice guys. ashley and rui are two of the luckiest girls in the world! and to Desmond if you are reading this blog..I WANT TO MEET ASHLEY! I have already reserved table at Peter you better bring her..haha..

Cheers to our friendships!

Over the past month, I was actually preparing for my exams. My mentality for grad school has been far from what I used to be back in Michigan. Not too sure if its because this is my final year of overseas education or if its because I am studying in New York and there's so much to do. Just couldn't really focus and be as motivated as I was once before. I personally believe in cycles.. I enjoy peaks in my life when I do really well and be really motivated to complete everything and to do my utmost best. But there are times when I feel like recharging and not put in as much effort as before.. haha, I wish to believe that I am currently in a state of recharging before I return to Singapore to start actual work. My results aren't really they are not terrible either.. so they will do..Guess I will just work a little more harder next two semesters since I have been really slack this sem. You cannot imagine how slack I have been..haha..=)

Recently, val actually pointed out something really true about me which I have been guilty of for the past few years. Something that seems slight but so significant and has such great effects on me. The subconscious creature prowls amidst my flurry of thoughts and actions and seems to crawl and lunge at some of them - killing and wounding in the process. This is not a good trait of mine and I must change it. I am putting on a fight and hoping to subdue this beast in me. If I think clearly about it, it completely clashes with who I really am.. Maybe I have an alter-ego that is lurking somewhere deep within.. Boy is the thought scary..AHHHH...I will change.. I promise... =) val really knows and understands me..No one has really brought this issue up as directly as you and I thank you for it! - for people's info: she has been taking really good care of me.. I think I have put on an additional 5 kg over the past month.. just that the stupid darn winter isn't coming for me to put my extra blubber to good use. GOSH...

Anyway, these few days have been really sinful...with val gone holidaying with her family, I have been finding my own entertainment. Been reading a few books, watching DVDs (currently hooked on LOST season 1), gone shopping for 3 consecutive days, meeting up with friends who are in town to visit. I have spend a BOMB in the past 3 be the festive season and the shopaholic inside me that has been awaked from his "eternal sleep" Now there will be no end to it.haha..oh oh, and I finally caught up with Cecil! Since after RI, I have never really met up with him. He still looks as good as ever and with his bulging muscles and cheerfulness, must a real lady killer in UVA. Glad to know that he is enjoying UVA very much. Do come to New York more often! Maybe we should have a RI1G and 2G reunion! I think I can muster at least a few of us..Although I cannot remember everyone who was in our class. Sounds like an idea. =)

The year is drawing to a close..have you made your New Year Resolutions yet? Do you actually stick to them and try to achieve them? I shall go ponder over it for a while.. take care everyone and enjoy this festive season. May you find joy and happiness in the people around you. Love you all! :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Its been some time since i last updated and quite alot happened since the last post. I am currently sitting in Butler library on a Sunday evening and trying to read my confusing continuous time pricing notes which has proven to be an excellent insomnia cure. I think I have dozed off at least an umpteen times while reading the first 4 pages...sigh..

So many of you might ask what have I been up to. More or less the same routine these days I would say. Let's start from last weekend: Discovered this bar called Cafe 312 in K-town as we tried to avoid Maru for the time being..pretty nice ambience but just lacking the X factor..Tried going to some clubs that night but failed because of ID and timing issues. Finally settled for the Pizza Bar in the meatpacking district which proved to be a really good choice. They served excellent mussels, french fries and calamari! Also met Yishi there. How coincidental..haha..
All in all, it was a nice chill out night for the small group of us.

Cafe 312Ferine looks really happyI like this picture.. very well taken shot..=)And we met Yishi!

Over the week, I also flew back to Michigan to visit! It felt like I had never left Ann Arbor when I first step out of the airport. The cold, the familiarity and the environment were all pretty much the same! Celebrated Serene's birthday and had 2 nights of drinking. Was really nice meeting the Chan Brother twins, aaron (thanks for the lift), chin wei, emilia, morry, juls, mj,etc..too many to name..It was also a great trip back because I managed to know some of the sophomores better.. like serene, valerie lee (haha now I know your true self..haha..i have videos of you playing that sword arcade game!! funny), siew jin, etc.. some pictures for you to see:

Jer, Chin Wei and JemThe very happy birthday girl - Serene!
Reunion for Serene, Val Lee and Val Lau @ Le Dolce Vita
Pubbing with Kang and Meng Joo!
I can feel my brain screeching to a stop..i better end this post the last update was yesterday's party night. Attended my professor's birthday party at Nachos Kitchen. He is really a very funky professor, wore this really cute birthday hat. Alot of my classmates were there. Music was good. Drinks were pretty cheap and decent. Could tell that my professor had a really fun time.

Our Professor!The cool dudes in class!Johnny and Ivan

After that, celebrated Willy's birthday at Guesthouse.. those guys are crazy.. they pregamed too much and many of them were already drunk even before reaching the club. Many of them were just sleeping on the sofa and puking into the dustbins..haha..lucky the cleaner was really nice about it.. Most of the night was spent taking care of people and making sure they were sent home properly. But, I would say Guesthouse is a pretty nice club. It played quite a good trance dance music and the crowd there were enthusiastic..which is a very important thing for a club. sent everybody home by many of them are having bad hangovers..

Birthday boy Willy on the far left!Me and some of the girls

The date to remember is 19 November 2006. =)

Current mood: Sleepy but very blessed and happy

Sunday, November 12, 2006

First NBA game! New Jersey Nets versus Miami Heat

I went to my first NBA game yesterday and it was really awesome! I am not really a fan of either team but I decided to be a pseudo Nets fan so that it would make the game more interesting. haha, suling was a pseudo Heats fan and we were sitting next to each other and arguing about who was gonna win.. haha so guess who was really gleeful at the end of the match..blah!!!

Don't be fooled by her sweet and soft spoken appearance! she gets really excited when watching the game!

It was an exciting game to watch all the way till the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter when the Nets lost steam and couldn't keep up with Heat. The three pointer shots from Heat, great performance by Wade, lack of offensive rebounds and lousy shooting from Nets led to the loss.

Overall, it was a great game because of the rowdy atmosphere and tight game plus the halftime performances by Bryan McKnight and the cheerleaders. The dances were really coordinated and impressive..haha reminded someone who was sitting next to me of her good ol' days of mass dances...haha go figure out who..I guess the only drawback was that its really difficult to get back to Manhattan after the game. Had to wait for the buses in the cold and there was a really long queue.

Look at the crowd!

When we finally got back to Manhattan, we went for supper at this Dallas BBQ place with gigantic ribs and enormous margaritas and martinis. Excellent recommendation by Liching =)

Its a really gloomy day today..Woke up really late today (noon) because I came back ard 6am this morning and I only slept at ard 7 plus to 8 am..when the sun was actually coming out! went lounging last night and drinking after failed attempts to get into three clubs..But it was already very fun lounging.. quite coincidental that we met yishi in meatpacking..hmmm, actually I shall save that for another post...not in the right frame of mind to blog about last night. shall go complete my assignments now...

Current mood: thinking....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington DC

As Cedric would put it: " HEY! Don't let it STOP!" haha, when you are having fun..really don't let it stop.. So after a long night celebrating Kat's birthday, a group of us were gonna head out to Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington for a road trip over Election weekend. haha it was amazing how everyone could wake up and load up/collect the car..especially leon and justin who drank alot the night before.

The trip was really relaxing and chill.. wasn't in any rush of any sorts..and I finally found out how irritating Chang ge can get! really had to blast my ipod sometimes to shut him off..haha..and I will never navigate for him anymore..he is an unappreciative man..

haha..we spent most of our time eating and driving around. And here's the evidence!
The huge pile of crabs!

Delicious Crab Cakes!

Cheesecake factory

Awaiting our cheesecakes!
Savoring our oreo milkshake!

Check out the huge ass Colossal Peanut Butter Malt Milkshake
This picture earned us a place in the cafe's website!
Did some sightseeing in Annapolis - the Naval Academy was really nice and impressive..I really liked the tour. Thanks Pius and Carlin for bringing us around. Also took some really nice pictures in Washington DC.. I really love the peace and quiet..and the scenery around the monuments and White House.
Nice pavilion in the Naval Academy - a wedding was taking place
Group shot in front of the monument
Load and ready!
Reflection pool
Picture of myself =)
The cool dudes on the trip
The pretty ladies on the trip
My "dage" and I
Suling and I - Colors look really nice
"Nu er" and I keeping the monument in check
That night itself, we also went to a club in Washington called Fur.. Quite a nice club. reminds me of Zouk. Their drink servings were really shots were like double shots..and the cocktails were mainly alcohol..cant taste the mixers.. Had a fun night dancing away..Think everyone was really happy..haha towards the end, the club was gonna close soon and I had to finish one Barcardi 151 shot(courtesy of Willy) and 2 Long Island Tea.. That really did me in for the rest of the night.. Was pretty ok until I got to Wendy's for supper..could feel the alcohol getting to me.. Thank XT for looking after me.. much appreciated..haha at least I could take out my contacts, change and tuck myself to bed when I got back to the hotel room..haha and I didn't that was a good thing..i'm a happy and "steady" drunk..haha
All in all, it was a really great trip..very relaxing..i feel rejuvenated..just need to start studying again..can feel the was also a great trip for me to do some thinking and reflections...=)
Current mood: Happy!

Kat's Birthday Celebration

Well well, the party and celebration never ends! Right after Lion King, we went to Gaslight area (meatpacking district) to celebrate my "Nu Er"'s belated birthday celebration at a bar. Val and I managed to grab some food before heading into the bar for some drinks. The crab and artichoke dip was really nice..and once again, I ordered too much

Happy Belated 22nd Birthday Kat!

I am sure you had alot of fun that night :) you invited so many friends and you looked like you had a splendid time. I'll let the pictures do the talking =)

The IEOR girls - Val, Yishi & Kat

Poor Justin who had one drink too many

The gang of us having fun!
left to right: chang ge,me,qiuyun,kat,willy(hidden),leon,raphael,yishi,val and lennon in front

Group shot 2
left to right:leon,lennon,val,kat,justin,chang,qiuyun and me

willy and his fav drink - Barcardi 151 (pls remind me to get him drunk on his birthday)

Dont mess with them

Happy folks!
Leon trying to be a supermodel..

Lion King Broadway

I finally managed to catch the Lion King Broadway! I remembered the gang of us from Michigan tried catching it 2 years ago but were disappointed when we found out that the tickets were too expensive. Before this, I've heard raving reviews about the props and costumes even though the story was more suitable for children. But I certainly didn't regret watching it! haha its one of those things that you have to do in life..haha at least for me. =)

After watching it, I can certainly understand why kids would love it. The costumes were really colourful and traditional and the props were both intriguing and interesting. The energy and enthusiasm displayed on stage by the cast could be felt from where I was sitting..haha which was the third row from the back. Even though I was so far back, I had a pretty good view of everything. Thanks Kinfoong for getting the tickets for me!

Hope you had a great first Broadway watching experience because I certainly enjoyed myself. and please forget about the mineral matter how ridiculous and exorbitant it sounds to here are some pictures!

The prop for the antelops galloping across the stage

The costume for Scar

Mufasa head as seen in the dream scene for Simba

The beautiful lights of Times Square taken from outside the auditorium

Us taking a picture with Mufasa's head

and yes of can I forget Mr. Peanut!

I love Broadways! I shall think of the next show that I want to watch. =)

As promised..more pictures and updates..

Jonathon who came down from Princeton for a visit - taken in the subway to FLUTE

Dudes from RJ Class S03K 2002 - just missing yonglin,jereme gan and jeremy wang!

The Friday night chill crowd
left to right: jon, kelvin, qiuyun,louis, me and jan

The only successful self taken shot after umpteen tries
FLUTE was definitely a nice chill out place. Would definitely return to that place one day. =)